Project Profile: Beale Air Force Base AAFES Express UDC Replacement

Marysville, California

For some, working within a half mile of a U.S. Air Force base runway, with jets taking off and landing throughout the day, may serve as a distraction. But not for CGRS’s California team, which finished a job two days ahead of schedule at a Beale Air Force Base service station in Marysville, California.

In early June CGRS compliance experts found the existing fuel system’s under dispenser containments (UDCs) were installed improperly, with no backfill around them, after they failed secondary-containment testing. Repairs were attempted, but it was ultimately determined the fuel system required new UDCs to function properly.

The solution included:

  • Preparing plans and obtaining permits from CUPA (Certified Unified Program Agencies) and the FRAQMD (Feather River Air Quality Management District), then later calling for three inspections over the course of the work;
  • Demolishing of drive slabs, purging lines, disconnecting four dispensers, exposing original piping and stockpiling the existing gravel for reuse;
  • Removing all product and vapor return lines for four dispensers, setting four new Bravo Double Wall fiberglass UDCs with piping, and installing new product and vapor return lines and electrical components;
  • Setting dispensers, re-installing existing Veeder Root sump sensors and connecting electrical connections, then powering up dispensers and Veeder Root.

Call a CGRS Expert:

Matt Thomas
California Construction/
Compliance Manager
Mobile: 626.627.8316

Beale AFB Piping - CGRS
Beale AFB Jet - CGRS
Beale AFB Workers - CGRS

No fuel was available during the repairs from Sept. 30 through Oct. 11, so service personnel and their families had to fill up at the base’s other service station – though that was only necessary for 12 days instead of the original 14 expected (including a weekend).

To provide a solution to our servicemen and women at the Beale AFB and their families – with the added bonus of seeing jets everyday – was truly an honor for our California team!