Oil & Gas

CGRS has supported the oil and gas industry since 1987 and environmental conservation is at the core of what we do. At CGRS, we invest in our clients and deliver solutions every day by providing the regulatory guidance to help our clients operate in compliance with ever-changing local, state and federal regulations.

We utilize a wealth of resources to empower our clients with knowledge, whether it’s permitting, stormwater management, air emissions assessments, leak detection and repair, water quality monitoring or soil remediation, along with an array of additional compliance services. We strive to provide our clients consistent environmental compliance solutions to build and maintain positive relationships with regulatory agencies and the communities in which we work.

Whether you know exactly what services you need or don’t know where to begin, deciphering oil and gas regulations is our passion. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Air Quality Services - CGRS Inc.

Air Quality Services

Our air quality services include permitting, reporting, LDAR inspections and everything in between.

Water Quality Services

We offer customized groundwater monitoring programs and groundwater remediation solutions.

Air Quality Services - CGRS Inc.

Spill Response & Remediation

CGRS has a designated emergency response team available 24/7.

Site Development & Planning

Our in-house engineers and environmental scientists provide comprehensive site development consulting.


Stormwater management is integral to protecting our surface waters. We offer comprehensive stormwater management services.


Connect is an invaluable tool for operational compliance data management. Simply put, CGRS Connect takes the complication out of compliance.