Water Quality Services

As one of our country’s most important resources, water needs protected during any energy-development program. Surface and groundwater-quality management is required to remain compliant with state and federal regulations. CGRS has decades of experience designing and implementing effective strategies to ensure compliance. Services such as groundwater monitoring plan preparation, baseline groundwater sampling, monitoring well installation and permitting, surface water sampling, and NPDES permitting are select examples of what our expertise covers. From production facilities to water treatment facilities to salt water injection and disposal facilities, CGRS has the experience to meet your water compliance needs.

CGRS Water Quality Service employee doing tests
CGRS Water Quality Service employee doing test
CGRS Water Quality Service reportings

Baseline Groundwater Sampling
Per Colorado COGCC requirements 609 and 318A, baseline and subsequent groundwater sampling ensure that well installation and development activities don’t impact domestic water sources. CGRS can evaluate and determine what domestic water sources may require sampling prior to your drilling date. We can complete water sampling activities and report findings per state requirements. Alternatively, CGRS may be able to use pre-existing water sample data to meet your baseline sampling requirement to provide a more cost-effective baseline sampling solution.

Groundwater Management Plans
Some counties and municipalities require groundwater management plans based on the type of energy facility you operate. The groundwater management plan’s purpose is to provide details supporting the effective monitoring and management of facility operations. The plan generally outlines specific groundwater monitoring points, groundwater sampling analyses completed and frequency of the sampling program.

Monitoring Well Installation and Sampling
The proper permitting and documentation of groundwater monitoring well installation is important to the success of your groundwater-management program. CGRS has vast experience identifying key soil characteristics, water depth indicators and soil quality during the drilling process. These and other soil characteristics allow for the complete understanding of subsurface soil conditions and the interaction with groundwater and any site-related contaminants.