CGRS is California’s leading Compliance Services provider, offering customers a wide variety of reliable testing methods and inspection services as well as an in-depth understanding of regulations that apply to underground storage tanks (UST) and aboveground storage tanks (AST).

California Compliance Testing - CGRS
California Compliance Testing - CGRS
Californie Compliance Testing - CGRS

Air Resources Board – Vapor Recovery Testing

  • PV Cap Test
  • A/L or V/L Test
  • Liquid Extraction
  • Static Torque Test
  • Drop‐tube Integrity Test
  • Pressure Decay & Blockage Test
  • Healy Quarterly/Annual Inspection
  • Healy Clean Air Separator Pressure Decay
  • Nozzle Bag Test
  • Veeder Root ISD
  • Pressure Sensor Test
  • Site Shutdown Functional Test
  • Dispenser Vapor Line Integrity Test
  • In‐station Diagnostics (ISD) Flow Test
  • V/R Carbon Canister Operability Test

AST & UST Compliance Testing – Piping Inspections

  • Steel Tank Institute (STI) SP001 Tank Inspection Certifications
  • API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection Certification
  • API 1631 Underground Storage Tank Inspection Certification
  • Engineering Assessments of Pressure Vessels
  • Engineering Assessments of Process Piping

Monitor System Certification

  • Spill Bucket Testing
  • Monitory System Certification
  • Mechanical Line Leak Detector Testing
  • Electronic Line Leak Detector Testing

SB‐989 Secondary Containment Testing

  • Vent Box
  • Tank Annular
  • Double‐wall Piping
  • Under Dispenser Containment (UDC)
  • Turbine/Fill Sump & Transition Sump

Designated-Operator Inspections

  • Yearly Training
  • DO Inspections for USTs
  • Designated-Operator Monthly Inspection

Precision Tank and Line Testing

  • 0.1 GPH Precision Tank Testing
  • 0.1 GPH Precision Line Testing

Enhanced Leak Detection Testing

  • Well Proximity ELD Testing
  • Helium Leak Location Testing
  • New Construction Pre‐ELD Testing
  • New Construction Final ELD Testing

Additional Services

  • SPCC & Stormwater Plans
  • Emergency Tests (24‐hour response)
  • Fuel System Design & Permit Submittals
  • Minor Repairs & Component Replacement

For site-specific pricing, please call or email:

Matt Thomas – CGRS Business Development
Cell: 626.627.8316

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