Oil and gas construction sites require stormwater management on-site from the time construction begins through final stabilization. CGRS provides design, construction, best management practices (BMP) and inspection for all facets of stormwater work. CGRS’s overall goal when managing a stormwater program is to implement and maintain BMPs that minimize erosion, transportation of sediment and contaminants offsite, and site degradation.

At CGRS, our stormwater services are specifically designed to comply with applicable regulations. We ensure that sediment and pollution runoff does not impact water quality. Our stormwater experts are prepared and qualified to handle all of your stormwater management program needs.

CGRS water forced evaporation - CGRS
CGRS PVC water pipe - CGRS
CGRS stormwater project - CGRS

Areas of Expertise

  • Developing stormwater management plans (SWMPs) and stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs)
  • Applying for and obtaining permit coverage for individual sites or for entire regions/groups of sites (field permit coverage with master SWMPs)
  • Conducting field inspections, including 14-day active stage, monthly completed stage, 24-hour post-storm or runoff event, and final stabilization stage
  • Completing Colorado Oil & Gas Commission  (COGCC) interim stabilization, Tier 1 exemption and final stabilization assessments
  • BMP design and inspection
  • Overall stormwater program management

CGRS always has our customers’ bottom line in mind. Efficiency is one of the best ways to cut operator costs, so we streamline our fieldwork by grouping site inspection types, resulting in reduced costs per inspection. And our efficient reporting process allows us to deliver inspection results in a timely manner. We strive to retain the highest quality work with industry leading cost structures.