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CGRS began in 1987 as an environmental consulting company, providing industry- and regulatory-compliance expertise and services to owners and operators in the upstream and downstream petroleum industry.

Over time we have diversified to meet the ever-changing customer needs by becoming experts in the markets of Environmental Services, Liquid and CNG Fueling, Oil & Gas, and Water and Wastewater.

We are always on the lookout for the next opportunity to help our clients succeed, as evidenced by our wide range of services that include:

As an environmental consulting company, our expertise is multifaceted: we have subject matter experts in diverse yet synergistic areas, and are truly a one-stop shop for our customers. For a more in depth look at everything we offer, download our updated services summary here.

CGRS History

CGRS, Inc. began its environmental-compliance journey in 1987 as a leak-detection services company for owners and operators of underground petroleum tank systems. Forthcoming EPA regulations — 40 CFR 280 — were to require regular testing of underground storage tanks (UST) systems for leaks.

The founder and current president/CEO of CGRS purchased some tank and line testing equipment and began helping fuel system owners and operators with environmental compliance in Fort Collins and through Colorado.

The industry and the testing equipment were in their infancy and the processes were less than ideal. CGRS — always searching for better options for our customers — became a Tracer Tight® Affiliate in 1992 and began testing underground tanks and piping using Tracer. The advantages of this technology were numerous and the business grew quickly. Praxair eventually purchased Tracer Research, and CGRS continues to use the Tracer Tight® method of release detection to this day.

It didn’t take long to realize that if we identified a problem with a customer’s fuel system, the customer expected CGRS to provide a solution. We created our Environmental and Construction departments to address the environmental compliance issues identified during the inspection and testing of fuel systems.