Coming soon…CGRS Connect

CGRS Connect (Connect) is the perfect solution for seamless management of your operational compliance data in real time. Connect has been specifically designed to manage and track various types of regulatory compliance including permits, inspections, repairs, and recurring critical tasks associated with LDAR, SPCC, stormwater, and other site-specific state and federal requirements. This platform allows the user to manage resources in real time so they can stay on top of critical compliance deadlines and quickly generate regulatory reports.

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Connect Launchpad
Compliance management begins with your site’s foundational information such as site location, type of operations and asset details. Connect Launchpad provides the platform to allow operators to track and modify site-specific components of their operational portfolio. It provides you the confidence that you will have every important site detail at your fingertips.

Site Information
You’ll have first-class access to aerial views, mapped locations, site related contractors, pumpers, operators, regulators, and other site related critical contact information.

Asset Tracking
Compliance management starts with understanding and defining the assets at each site. Connect is set up to track complete asset information including wells, production tanks, flowlines, separators, combustors, VRTs, engines, compressors and other equipment.

CGRS Connect Mobile
CGRS Connect Mobile allows seamless data transfer between the field and office in real-time to ensure that compliance can be met on time and per applicable regulations. The user will be able to effortlessly take photos, complete forms, and document site inspection details. The instantaneous data transfer associated with any of the available modules allows the manager to maintain all required regulatory inspection details with confidence. Simply put, CGRS Connect Mobile takes the complication out of compliance.

Connect Compliance Management Toolbox
Once your site and asset information is populated in Connect Launchpad, you’re ready to add the operational compliance Connect Modules. You can choose from Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), General Site Inspection and AVO (GSI-AVO), Permit Tracker, SPCC (available soon), and Stormwater (available soon) modules.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Module
Manage and stay ahead of all of the detail and documentation requirements associated with LDAR compliance inspections.

General Site Inspection & Audio, Visual & Olfactory (GSI-AVO) Module
Monitor frequent AVO inspections with confidence.

Permit Tracker Module
Track the life cycle and requirements of site permits in one convenient location.

Stormwater Module (available soon)
Ensure that ALL required stormwater inspections are being completed, documented and issues resolved.

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Module (available soon)
Manage SPCC inspections and plan renewals with ease.