Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing

At CGRS we are always looking for ways to improve and diversify our service offerings. We have seen first hand the benefits of the Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing method in our work with underground storage tanks.

What exactly is Dri-sump® Testing?

Instead of water, the Dri-sump® system uses a food-grade, pH-neutral, nonpetroleum vapor aerosol injected into the sump, filling a 300-gallon sump in 10-15 seconds. An air generator pulls the gases from the sump into a viewing chamber connected to a Vapor Stimulator Tube (VST), where a laser delivers the verdict: a “dot” means no leak is present and the sump passes the test; a green “line” means the sump is leaking.

A mobile app captures the laser result, time stamps it with the GPS location and uploads it into data capture software for analysis and reporting. The laser line pinpoints where the leak is, so no additional testing method – only repairs to the containment system – is necessary.

Click here for a useful infographic of how it all works!

Other benefits of Dri-sump® testing include:

  • Less dispenser downtime
  • The vapor dissipates within 10 minutes after the test is completed
  • It is the only test that can be conducted in frozen soils, high-water table conditions and any backfill soil type
  • Regulatory acceptance as an alternative to costly hydrostatic testing

The Dri-sump® method saves time and water, which makes for a much more efficient approach for our compliance technicians in the field.

CGRS can perform Dri-sump® containment testing nationwide. To schedule your UST-containment testing with this new technology, call a CGRS Compliance Services expert at 800.288.2657.