Sustainability is a fundamental principle at CGRS, one that is deeply ingrained in our business operations. We have been dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable practices since we opened our doors in 1987. A fact made evident by our core service offerings. 

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The work we do in service to the upstream and downstream petroleum industry not only aims to meet society’s current needs but also prioritizes the safeguarding of the environment for present and future generations. As we broaden our service portfolio, we are reinforcing our dedication to vital critical infrastructure and environmental stewardship through initiatives encompassing renewable energy, clean water, spill and release prevention, and environmental remediation. Our unwavering focus remains on our employees, the communities we serve, the preservation of natural resources, all while maintaining a strong financial strategy.

At CGRS, our sustainability mission can be summarized as People-Planet-Profit (P3), which perfectly aligns with our overarching mission of delivering quality solutions with integrity and expertise, every time.

Link to complete Sustainability Management Plan

Link to Annual Report (to be completed in March/April 2024)