CGRS has extensive experience serving as a regulatory liaison. Whether you are an operator or a local government, CGRS can help you with the oil and gas site development and planning process. We strive to ensure that all applicable regulatory requirements are both met and understood by our clients. From an environmental assessment to construction permits or a development application review, CGRS has the experience to help guide you through the process.

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Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Land owners, lenders, insurers and investors can inherit liabilities for hazardous-waste disposal and other site risks under environmental laws and regulations that went into effect in 1980. The cost to remediate contaminated property can often exceed the value of the property itself. CGRS performs both phases of environmental site assessments (ESAs) as well as assisting with hazardous waste management.

Construction Stormwater Management Plan Preparation and Implementation Oversight

At CGRS, our stormwater management program is specifically designed to comply with applicable regulations and ensure sediment and pollution runoff during construction activities do not impact water quality. Our stormwater experts are prepared and qualified to handle all of your stormwater management program needs.

Emergency Response Planning and Management

CGRS is available to create a customized Emergency Response Plan for your organization that incorporates existing environmental health and safety practices, along with local, state and federal regulations for emergency response situations and incident command practices.

SPCC Plan Development and Inspection Reporting

The federally mandated Spill, Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans are required for any facility storing oil-containing products in cumulative quantities greater than 1,320 gallons. The SPCC Plan is designed to prepare you and your business for proper storage of oil products as well as how to proceed in the event of a release of those products. Let CGRS bring your facility into compliance.

E&P Waste Management Plans

The management of E&P wastes should occur in a manner that prevents releases of hazardous constituents to the environment, particularly releases that may impact groundwater and surface water resources. Waste management plans are an important component of any operation, from initial drill cuttings management through wastes generated from on-site activities.

Compliance with COGCC Rules & Regulations

CGRS can help you understand all of the requirements of COGCC for the various stages of site development or modification.  Let CGRS assist you with COGCC Rule adherence and Form submittals, and put your mind at ease.