Construction News – February 2017


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Whitaker Oil recently contracted with CGRS as the design-builder to design and construct a complete upgrade of its diesel and automotive fueling systems at Broken Wheel Truck Stop in Douglas, Wyoming. By partnering with CGRS, Whitaker was able to work with one point of contact throughout the entire process – from the design and conception phase through construction and operation. Due to the complexity of the project, CGRS’ engineers and construction personnel worked hand in hand with Whitaker to identify and solve potential problems upfront, streamline schedules, realize efficiencies, and minimize costs.

A key component in Whitaker’s selection of the design-build delivery with CGRS was due to the quality of work and honest communication delivered in the past. “You take care of us” said Jason Whitaker, Owner. Upon completion of the diesel fueling at Broken Wheel, Jason said, “It looks A-plus. You guys did a perfect job.”

Truck fueling system:

  • (2) 20,000-gallon, double-wall fiberglass underground storage tanks
  • (1) 8,000-gallon DEF underground storage tank
  • (7) fuel islands with diesel and DEF dispensing
  • Size over size fiberglass piping
  • Under dispenser containment sumps constructed of double-wall fiberglass
  • Incon EVO 500 tank gauge for leak detection and tank inventory
  • New fueling canopy, 28’ x 102’ x 16’ tall with LED lighting

Automotive fueling system:

  • (2) 20,000-gallon, double-wall fiberglass underground storage tanks
  • (5) fuel islands and dispensers
  • Size over size fiberglass piping
  • Under dispenser containment sumps construction of double-wall fiberglass
  • New fueling canopy; 28’ x 136’ x 15’ tall with LED lighting


  • Collaboration: The owner, architect/engineer, and construction team work together to meet the owner’s project goals while keeping in mind design needs and project pricing.
  • Accountability: Design/engineering and construction are performed by the design-build team, which gives the owner a single entity to hold responsible for design and construction.
  • Cost savings: Value engineering and constructability reviews occur throughout the design and construction phases to give the owner the best value possible.
  • Schedule: In a design-build project, the design and build phases often overlap, reducing the overall time of completion.

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