CGRS welcomes seasoned leader Mark Shaw to Compliance Services

The opportunity to hire someone with Mark Shaw’s caliber of experience and leadership skills doesn’t present itself too often in our industry. When CGRS President/CEO Eric Hick learned that Mark Shaw would likely be open to a job offer in summer 2020, he couldn’t pass up such a rare opportunity to hire a proven expert and leader for the Compliance Services division.

Shaw joined CGRS in August 2020 and is now the Colorado Compliance Operations Supervisor. He has been in the fuel industry since he was discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1988, starting with hauling petroleum in a 10-wheel semi-truck. Later, Shaw worked as a compliance technician and moved up into training, management, and administrative positions as his employers recognized his knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities. Shaw was instrumental in developing and managing compliance service divisions for several companies, including Tanknology for its California operations.

The fact that Shaw spent the bulk of his career successfully working and managing a team of compliance technicians in California speaks volumes about his credentials, Hick said.

“If you’re working in California, you need to be extremely competent,” he said. “California compliance standards and enforcement are next level and have been since the inception of fuel-system compliance.”

Mark Shaw working on site, Leader of Compliance Services, CGRS

Mark Shaw at the office, Leader of Compliance Services, CGRS
Mark Shaw working on site, Leader of Compliance Services, CGRS

Shaw was familiar with and respected CGRS because he had worked with the CGRS California team to provide iota® Enhanced Leak Detection services for his customers. Through this process he and Hick built a relationship of mutual respect and camaraderie, he said.

Shaw accepted Hick’s job offer, quickly bought a house in Northern Colorado, and moved from Nebraska – where he worked out of his home for a Wisconsin-based company – in August. In his current position, he manages CGRS’ Colorado compliance field technicians, ensuring they have the tools, training, leadership, and support they need to do their jobs and provide the best service they can for customers.

“We really lucked out to catch him at the right time,” Hick said. “He made a quick decision and busted a move to get here. When makes up his mind about something, he doesn’t go halfway in. I like that.”

Kris Quantz, CGRS Director of Compliance, said Shaw’s 30-plus years of operational logistics experience in compliance testing means he can truly connect with the compliance technicians, understands what customers need and brings a fresh perspective to the business.

“Mark is good at managing the process and his leadership style naturally incorporates the team into the culture of CGRS,” Quantz said. “He’s a great leader – not just a manager. His focus is on the success of the company and helping team members understand their path to success personally.”

Hick agreed, noting Shaw’s focus is on building the Compliance Services team of technicians, making sure they have the right training, certifications and exposure, as well as works to build their confidence and advocates for them.

“His emphasis on the people side of the business is really paying off,” Hick said. “We’re seeing increasing levels of engagement and competence from our technicians. There’s an important place for them in our workforce. These guys need to know that they can be very successful with CGRS as a career and Shaw is the right person to help them understand what they can achieve if they commit and focus.”

Shaw said he chose to join CGRS – to finish out his career here – because he knew Hick and team CGRS would appreciate his leadership style.

“Everywhere I’ve went that’s how I’ve tried to work with and manage people,” he said. “I want to assist (my team) however I need to so they can grow into the position they’re in or move up into the next one.”

He said CGRS’ core values also lined up with his, but he has discovered they’re more than just words at CGRS.

“It’s the first company that actually had core values written down that people actually followed. Literally I see the team members understanding and following them. I see them playing out within the company itself, which, to me, is amazing,” Shaw said.

And Hick couldn’t be more pleased, as well.

“I’m so happy and, frankly, honored to have him join our team.”

To reach Shaw, call 916.997.8921 or email