CGRS receives state grant to install electric vehicle charging station at Fort Collins office

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) recently awarded CGRS a Charge Ahead Colorado grant to install a Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station at its headquarters in Fort Collins this summer, with Alternative Fuels Manager Cory Kahler overseeing the project.

CGRS employees will have access to the two-vehicle station to charge their personal EVs as well as CGRS’ EV fleet vehicles; CGRS has several EVs on order with an expected 2023 delivery.

The charging station and the addition of EVs to CGRS’ fleet are part of an effort to expand companywide #sustainability practices. While only a handful of employees currently own EVs or hybrid vehicles, a companywide survey suggests at least 30% of CGRS team members would be more willing to drive an EV if CGRS had a charging station. CGRS Environmental Services Project Manager and Sustainability Specialist Lindsey Gates headed up the grant-writing effort.

Call a CGRS Expert:

Cory Kahler
Alternative Fuels Manager
Mobile: 720.537.9387

CGRS is also expanding solutions to fuel customers who seek to provide alternative fueling options. In addition to providing Compressed Natural Gas/Renewable Natural Gas (CNG/RNG) services, the Alternative Fuels division is gearing up to install EV charging stations at CGRS’ customer’s petroleum fueling stations. The division is exploring opportunities to offer industrial gas compressors, hydrogen and other fueling alternatives, as well.

The Charge Ahead Colorado programs seeks to improve air quality through the deployment of EVs, having awarded funds for more than 1,000 EV charging stations across Colorado since its inception in 2013. The program received a record-breaking 120 grant applications for 2022 and fully allocated its budget, with 39 of 63 Denver Metro applicants receiving grants, and 34 of 57 CEO applicants receiving grants. Recipients included multifamily housing complexes, workplaces and local governments.

For more information about CGRS’ Alternative Fuels offerings, call 800.288.2657.