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AST and UST Tank Inspection Services: Our American Petroleum Institute-certified inspectors provide ultrasonic testing and an internal/external tank inspection.

Equipment Survey and Facility Inspections: The purpose of this service is to document the current facility conditions, equipment and compliance status. It is useful in property transactions or as a facility-management tool.

Fuel Maintenance Program: This is effective on fuel stored for long periods of time as with backup generator systems. This service includes fuel sampling, analysis and possible implementation of an additive program to prevent repolymerization.

Tank- and Line-Tightness Testing: The service includes volumetric and non-volumetric testing of USTs, ASTs and product piping.

Electronic/Mechanical Leak Detector Testing: In order to ensure that equipment is functioning properly and to meet testing requirements for automatic line leak detectors, CGRS performs calibrated leak simulations to verify positive shutdown or flow restrictions.

Cathodic Protection (CP) System Testing: Our NACE-certified Corrosion Testers inspect both impressed current and galvanic systems. They ensure that these systems provide adequate corrosion protection to all metal portions of the fueling system which come in contact with the ground and that routinely contain product.

Secondary-Containment Tank Testing: Tank testing is currently required in California to meet SB 989 requirements, which includes testing of UST annular space, secondary containment piping, under-dispenser containment, turbine sumps and over-spill buckets.

UST/AST Closures

Have a need for closure of a underground storage tank (UST) or above ground storage tank (AST)? CGRS can help. Our services include:

  • Tank removal
  • Site assessment/risk assessment
  • Transportation modeling
  • Regulatory interface and support

STI SP001 Tank Inspections

State and federal requirements mandate periodic testing and/or inspection of aboveground storage tanks. STI SP001 Inspection requirements and frequency depend on a number of factors including tank size, tank age and the tank-construction standard. Your Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan may also indicate an inspection frequency.

CGRS has Steel Tank Institute (STI)-certified inspectors on staff to inspect your shop fabricated aboveground storage tanks to the SP001 Standard. We can also perform tightness testing on aboveground tanks using Tracer Tight® or other manufacturer-approved methods. Some states require testing after installation and prior to putting the AST into service; CGRS can provide these services, as well.

Our staff will help you manage your aboveground storage tank systems — SPCC plans, testing and inspection, removal, installation and repairs. And if you’re just not sure what you need at this point, give us a call. We’ll help sort it out.