Online Class A/B & C UST Operator Training

CGRS has teamed up with recognized industry expert Ben Thomas of UST Training to provide a convenient way to meet UST operator training requirements and prevent accidents, spills, leaks, and ignored alarms with online training.

Get your employees the training they need and choose from over 1,000 courses in an assortment of topics like HR, Finance, Technology, Business, Programming, Security, etc. Coggno is a marketplace for training courses.

Not only this, the courses are self paced, on demand, many with certification, and are distributed online to each employees’ computer via a free Learning Management System where you can track and view reporting. Can’t find a course, let us know. And if you have any questions feel free to check our FAQ section.

A/B operator certification is required for anyone who is in charge of the day-to-day compliance of a UST system. A Class C operator certification is for anyone who might respond to a spill, alarm or incident at a UST site.

By law, all UST owners must have trained Class A/B and C operators. UST Training’s online training is:

  • Cost-effective, interactive and easy to use
  • Meets Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety requirements
  • Created by nationally recognized UST experts
  • Effective and efficient, whether for one or a 100 employees
  • Free tech support

Signing up and taking the course is easy:

  1. Select your state, then choose Class A/B or C
  2. Set up an account for one or more users and check out (bulk discounts available)
  3. Complete the course from anywhere, on your schedule and at your own pace
  4. Download your certificate and keep on file for your UST agency

CLICK HERE  to register for an online UST Operator Training class.