Team, customers deserve credit for CGRS’ 35 years of success

By Eric Hick, CEO/President/Founder

This month marks 35 years since I staked my livelihood on the strong possibility that new regulations for underground storage tanks (USTs) would drive a demand for leak-detection services. The big question wasn’t whether the demand to support such a business would exist, but whether a 25-year-old entrepreneur with no experience could launch and run a successful business while meeting that demand.

If you consider CGRS’ steady growth and capabilities today, the answer – in its simplest form – is yes.

While CGRS’ success has been partially due my determination, I must give most the credit to whom it’s due: all the clients who put their trust in me and the people who invested in the company, whether financially or as team members providing the services, over the years. I feel so fortunate not only to have survived and thrived, but also to have such an amazing group of people that surround me. That’s really the crux of it. They make my job very fulfilling and rewarding.

Call a CGRS Expert:

Eric Hick
CGRS CEO/President/Founder

My team’s commitment, quality work, and excellent customer service is evidenced by our large customer base, which includes large corporations, gas station chains, municipalities, federal and state organizations, and “mom-and-pop” businesses. All of you have played a tremendous role in our refinement, growth and success, and we are honored and grateful that you have placed your trust in CGRS. We know we are still earning your trust with every phone call or email we answer and every job and service we provide.

CGRS offers many more services than it did when I was providing just leak detection. I’ve watched it grow to more than 100 team members across Colorado and in California. We’ve even recently gone international, providing compliance services to fuel systems on U.S. Air Bases in Japan.

With 35 years of experience, innovation, efficiency and creativity, the right people and loyal customers to support us, CGRS is positioned to grow into the future. We hope that you will continue to partner with us in our exciting evolution.