State names CGRS environmental leader

CGRS is proud to receive the Colorado Environmental Bronze Achievement Award from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s Environmental Leadership Program (ELP).

“The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is a voluntary program that encourages and rewards superior environmental performers that go beyond the requirements of environmental regulations and move toward the goal of sustainability,” according to the ELP Handbook. “The program is open to all Colorado businesses, industries, offices, educational institutions, municipalities, government agencies, community, not-for-profit and other organizations. Currently, the program consists of three tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold.”

ELP members work toward consistent improvements in the areas of energy, waste, water, transportation and social responsibility.

CGRS has always held the strong belief that business, industry and the environment can all thrive together. This award is a testament to our continued commitment to our community, our environment and our customers.

Members of Team CGRS will attend the ELP Awards event on Oct. 9 at the Infinity Center in Glendale, Colorado.

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