State certifies CGRS for calibrating CNG dispensers

CGRS has earned the title and responsibilities of Registered Service Agent (RSA) for certifying Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) dispensers under the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS) Weights and Measures office.

The designation means a qualified CNG Construction Services team member for CGRS can calibrate and certify that CNG dispensers are providing the amount of fuel – within 2 percent – that they say they are. It also means CGRS can make adjustments on meters and seal all components of CNG dispensers per National Type Evaluation Program, a nonprofit organization that evaluates scales and other weighing equipment to ensure it meets all government standards and requirements.

Colorado is home to about two dozen public CNG facilities – from Pueblo to Boulder, and Trinidad to Grand Junction – that will need to have their CNG dispensers recalibrated annually under OPS regulations, as regular gas stations already do. OPS also requires any government-owned operations that sell their fuel to other entities calibrate their CNG dispensers, under the regulations.

“The inspection and testing of fuel products’ metering devices and product quality maintains consumer and business owner confidence in knowing that you are getting a fair deal,” the OPS Weights and Measure webpage says.

CGRS is also one of only a handful of companies in the state with the experience to inspect and evaluate CNG facilities as well as make repairs to bring sites up to code. OPS, in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 52 Vehicular Natural Gas Fuel Systems Code, requires CNG pressure relief valve recertification every three years. The state will soon begin enforcing this regulation more actively, as well.

Although CNG facilities have been operating in Colorado since the early ’90s, OPS did not adopt NFPA 52 to regulate those operations until 2014. It has been working in recent months to ramp up its enforcement of those regulations, and certifying RSAs for CNG dispensers is one step toward that goal.

For more information about OPS’s CNG regulation and enforcement, call 303.318.8525.

To schedule a CNG dispenser calibration, call a CGRS CNG expert at 800.288.2657.