Project Profile: Widefield School District Fueling System

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Widefield School District recently presented CGRS with a challenge we couldn’t resist: install a 20,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) and dispensers without disrupting the district’s fleet access to and from the property.

Sound impossible? Not to CGRS engineer Brannan Davis, P.E., whose economical and out-of-the-box project design incorporated horizontal boring under 280’ of 8”-thick asphalt to install power and communication conduits. CGRS’s Construction team had to cut out only a 5’ x 5’ piece of asphalt next to the building and the entire parking lot remained intact for the two-month project.

The project specs included:

  • Installing a 20,000-gallon double wall UST for diesel fuel
  • Installing two commercial dispensers with a Petrovend card system that controls who has access to the fuel system by tracking users, vehicles, product pumped and quantity dispensed

The project, which CGRS started April 23, was completed within budget at the end of June – a month earlier than projections.

While working in the brutal heat in recent weeks, the CGRS Construction team enjoyed the job at the quiet and scenic Widefield Transportation headquarters, where jets and colorful hot air balloons often flew overhead.

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