Project Profile: United Pacific #0477 Spill Bucket Replacement

Rancho Cordova, California

It’s during times like these – and you know what we’re talking about – that everyone can finally admit how helpful technology actually is.

When a CGRS California team wrapped up a spill bucket replacement job in the middle of the pandemic, they discovered all they needed to have it inspected was a cell phone, the ability to take photos of their work and access to email. Although a change from the normal process, inspections went without a hitch.

CGRS’s compliance experts tested the spill and vapor buckets at the United Pacific No. 0477 in Rancho Cordova in September 2019. Finding that they needed to replace three of them, they applied for a permit in November and received it in February. They scheduled the work for the end of March, not knowing it would be in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Matt Thomas
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Compliance Manager
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Spill Bucket Replacement - California - CGRS
Spill Bucket Replacement - California - CGRS
Spill Bucket Replacement - California - CGRS

As an essential business and having the available crew, CGRS stuck to its schedule, starting work on March 30. The crew had to:

  • Obtain a UST (Underground Storage Tank) Repair permit from the California Unified Program Agencies (CUPA)
  • Saw cut three 4’ x 4’ areas around direct-bury spill buckets
  • Remove three fill/spill and vapor buckets
  • Replace the old spill buckets with double wall OPW Edge buckets, testable 71SO-410CT OPW shut-off valves, adapters and caps
  • Provide spill bucket testing and arrange for OPI inspections

CUPA sent an email to the UST industry on March 25, advising compliance technicians and owners/operators to contact the inspector via email when they need an inspection. When Richard Thomas, CGRS California Compliance Operations Supervisor, emailed the inspector, he was instructed to send photos of the crew’s work via email. He then received approval for each stage of the job as his team completed it:

  • fill and vapor risers covered with 20 milliliter tape
  • spill bucket height and hydrostatic testing
  • certification that the buckets hold 5 gallons with no leaks after concrete is poured and solidifies

CGRS completed the job – inspections and all – on April 2, on time and within budget, all while following CUPA guidelines to maintain social distancing of 6 feet and wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment. The business remained open and customers dispensed fuel even while the repairs were made: the work performed was on the tank tops and away from drive areas.