Project Profile: Quick Gas Mart

El Sobrante, California

When the location of your tank equipment’s leak is a mystery, it’s best to call a company with a tried-and-true system.

The owner of Quick Gas Mart in El Sobrante, California, contacted CGRS in October to perform a Tracer Test on a fiberglass split double-wall underground storage tank (UST) after the local CUPA inspector notified the owner that the tank failed the triannual SB989 secondary-containment testing. The original testing contractor found fuel in the tank annular, though he was unable to find the leak. The report led the CUPA inspector to believe that the primary tank had leaked into the secondary containment system and to issue a red tag. This meant that Quick Gas Mart had to shut down the dispensers pumping from that tank until the leak was identified, repaired and the system passed compliance testing.

The CGRS team performed a Tracer Tight® test that was inconclusive in verifying that the primary tank was leaking. Our team then performed two additional Tracer Tight® tests to verify that the primary containment was intact. The CGRS team then submitted an estimate to perform a helium leak locate with its iota® VaporTite V005 method. Once approved, CGRS proceeded with the test, which involves filling the tank’s components with helium and using iota® to detect from where helium was escaping.

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While originally developed and most often used for pre-testing newly constructing fueling systems for leaks, iota® is also applicable for cases in which a leak is so minute, other methods are unable to identify it. iota® can find vapor leaks as small as 0.005 gallons per hour, with an unmatched probability of detection. iota® testing led CGRS to a leak in the secondary interstice around the tank bungs.

The Quick Gas Mart owner asked CGRS to obtain a repair permit from Contra Costa Environmental Health and make the secondary containment repairs, after which CGRS re-tested the UST per SB989 requirements and the system passed. The CUPA inspector actually reached out and thanked CGRS for its help in getting the site back into compliance.

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