OPS incentive deadline approaches

Test, upgrade USTs now to save up to $10,000

What could you do with $10,000? Perhaps a more accurate question would be, would you prefer not to spend $10,000 on cleaning up a spill or leak if you don’t have to?

The Colorado Division of Oil & Public Safety (OPS) Incentive Program allows owners and operators of underground storage tanks to do just that. Yet many small and family owned businesses that would benefit most from it aren’t taking advantage of the incentive – despite the fact the Dec. 31, 2018, deadline is fast approaching.

Yet, like with most government programs, qualifying for the incentive is a complicated process: it’s not just about whether UST owners/operators have replaced their spill buckets with double wall components. Eligibility also depends on whether they have:

  • Kept good records;
  • Had any incidents as a result of poor compliance, such as failure to perform, repair, test or upgrade their facilities;
  • If cathodic protection is current;
  • And more.

This is where CGRS compliance experts come in. They understand the complexities of the program and can guide you through the entire process. Not only can CGRS help determine whether USTs comply or what is needed for them to comply, but it’s uniquely equipped to perform any necessary cleanup, spill bucket replacements and anything else their project entails.

OPS’s goal is to protect the environment; CGRS’s goal to make sure that our customers save money by preventing costly releases now and in the future, which protects the environment, as well. The OPS deductible incentive program is one more way CGRS can help its customers meet their financial goals.

OPS deductible compliance
OPS deductible compliance
OPS deductible compliance

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