Matt Zoccali takes on Environmental Services role at CGRS

As Senior Manager of the City of Fort Collins’ Environmental Regulatory Affairs Division, Matt Zoccali came to know, respect and appreciate CGRS from the client perspective.

CGRS impressed him so much that, when he decided to explore another career opportunity, joining the team seemed a natural fit.

“All of my interactions with CGRS were supporting the management of City fuel systems and tanks, including the removal and remediation of orphan tanks,” said the Senior Environmental Scientist. “They also did our (the City’s) SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure) plans. I found employees to be easygoing, extremely knowledgeable and capable, and it seemed like they genuinely tried to understand our goals, challenges and expectations.

“I wouldn’t have left a 15-year career with a great organization if I didn’t believe in the foundational things about CGRS, which are the commitment to quality and the way Mr. (Eric) Hick (CGRS President/CEO) valued his employees and the company.”

CGRS Environmental Services Manager Glen Vallance said he got to know and respect Zoccali when meeting him on job sites and recognized his outstanding character and ability to relate to people as well as his expertise.

“I’ve always appreciated working with Matt as a client,” Vallance said. “He’s fair and a pleasure to work with.”

Vallance also saw potential in what Zoccali could bring to the CGRS team. Besides having an in-depth understanding of how government organizations operate, Zoccali was involved with stormwater and planning; industrial standards and compliance; auditing and environmental compliance; and natural disaster mitigation, planning and response during his time with the City.

Zoccali’s work on the disaster preparation and response team for the City – preparing for and/or responding to flood, wildfires, vehicles crashing into the Poudre River and more – paired with his knowledge as an adjunct instructor for Texas A&M Engineering Extension for Disaster Management for Critical Infrastructure courses, is opening doors to opportunities in hazard-mitigation planning for CGRS.

In his role with CGRS, Zoccali is seeking to establish a Resilience and Sustainability division within Environmental Services that will include hazard-mitigation planning. He is developing partnerships with other experts, growing the tank-inspection business and assisting with SPCC plans, as well.

Zoccali is also someone team members across the company look to for insight on a variety of subjects.

“He’s a good mentor for the team,” Vallance said. “He’s a good leader.”

Zoccali has spent the last few months familiarizing himself with the varying services CGRS offers and how team members in different divisions work together. In fulfilling the requirements for his Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER) certification, he is spending time in the field and learning how team members fulfill their responsibilities.

“It’s been super interesting to be on this side and see how the sausage is made,” from how proposals come together to project coordination and implementation in the field, he said.

Zoccali said he has witnessed firsthand the application of integrity, commitment and the company’s other Core Values that he admired as a client.

“Now that I am working for CGRS, I see that all of that is a reality: people are very much experts in what they do, enjoy working together and care about providing great customer service,” he said. “Solutions Delivered is a real thing and not an empty slogan.”