Compliance News of Note

Initial UST testing deadline approaches

Only a couple of months remain for Colorado underground storage tank (UST) owners/operators to comply with Colorado Division of Oil & Public Safety (OPS) Storage Tank Regulations that require owners/operators to perform the initial testing of sumps, spill buckets and overfill prevention devices of USTs by Jan. 1, 2020. The regulation focuses on the parts of tank systems most likely to leak or to fail to detect a leak if a problem were to occur and meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. Wyoming and other states without their own EPA-approved program had to meet this requirement by Oct. 13, 2018.

Compliance techs must be ‘qualified’ starting in 2020

As of Jan. 1, 2020, anyone working on a Colorado UST or aboveground storage tank (AST) beyond changing hanging hardware (hoses, nozzles, swivels and breakaways) must be a Qualified Service Technician (QST). OPS Storage Tank Regulation §2-3-1-9 ensures the industry that technicians meet minimum qualifications. It also means that owners/operators cannot perform tasks such as secondary containment testing or repair/maintenance work on their USTs unless they are a QST.

CGRS promotes Compliance experts Baker & Quantz

CGRS recently promoted Kylene Baker to Compliance Services Manager as her predecessor, Kris Quantz, takes a new role within the company.

Baker, a six-year employee of CGRS, formerly held the position of Compliance Administrative Supervisor. She oversees approximately 12 compliance field technicians, four office team members and the day-to-day operations of the Compliance Services department.

“Over the years, Kylene has learned the business and built valuable relationships with key customers,” said CGRS CEO/President Eric Hick. “She has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to CGRS and the Compliance team.  For these reasons, we trust the Compliance team is in good hands with Kylene.”

Quantz, who has become a trusted leader, is now overseeing operations in both Colorado and California, where CGRS has a thriving enhanced leak detection, compliance and construction business.

“As manager of the Compliance Department for the past four years, Kris has successfully grown the department, mentored Kylene, and has been instrumental in building relationships and trust with our Environmental, Construction and California managers, fostering collaboration in support of our ‘solutions delivered’ philosophy.”

Quantz is responsible for improving processes, facilitating additional collaboration and fueling healthy growth in his new role. He will continue to work closely with the CGRS Environmental Services and Construction Services’ Refined Fuels Divisions to ensure consistency and ongoing collaboration.