Compliance News – August 2017


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CGRS is now offering Water Pump Out Services (WPOS). We are using this equipment to manage water associated with hydro testing secondary containment and spill prevention equipment that is now required by the EPA and local regulatory agencies. We also help with:

  • Emergency spill response.
  • Removal of debris/sludge from tanks.
  • Removal of water from tanks.
  • Removal of fluids from secondary containment.
  • Removal of fluids from spill buckets.

Hopefully you will never need to call for emergency spill response or water intrusion, but if you do, we are prepared. For more information call 800-288-2657.

“The new vac (vacuum) unit is a great addition to our toolbox. It improves our efficiency and therefore response time in dealing with spills or pumping out containments after an afternoon storm,” says Compliance Services Manager Kris Quantz. “Customer response has been very positive…we have addressed an important need for them.”