Complete Compliance Services: can your provider do all of this?

Because keeping underground storage tanks (UST) and fuel systems in compliance is more than passing monthly or annual tests, it’s important that a compliance-services provider does more than just test fuel systems.

Competent compliance technicians are able to figure out why a system doesn’t pass a test and equipped to make a number of repairs while onsite. Those technicians should also have training to spot potential issues that could lead to problems if not addressed soon and make the needed repairs, as well.

CGRS Compliance Services customers know when our technicians visit their sites for testing that they’ll get all of the above. And whatever they can’t do, CGRS’ Refined Fuels Repair and Upgrade technicians are trained and equipped to finish the job.

Call a CGRS Expert:

Mark Shaw
Compliance Operations Supervisor
Mobile: 916.997.8921

The Compliance Services technicians who perform routine testing can perform all aboveground repairs except for the electronic side of dispensers. That includes:

  • Hoses and nozzles
  • Breakaways
  • Drop tubes
  • Impact valves
  • Fill caps
  • Vapor caps
  • Leak detectors in product lines
  • All sensors associated with USTs
  • Pressurized vent caps
  • Electronic monitoring system testing and repairs

Our Repair and Upgrade technicians have the manpower and tools to perform more difficult aboveground and all underground component repairs, including:

  • Piping
  • Tanks
  • Drop tubes seized in place and can’t be removed to test
  • Any components compliance technicians cannot remove to repair
  • Spill bucket repair and replacement
  • Leak detectors
  • STP Turbines (pumps)
  • Motors
  • Troubleshooting leaks
  • Flex hose and sheer valve replacement

To better understand the difference between repair work CGRS Compliance Services technician can perform compared with our Repair and Upgrades technicians, consider when a customer drives off with the dispenser nozzle in the vehicle gas tank (which happens more often than you think). The nozzle disconnects from the hose and may fall off, remaining on site. CGRS’ Compliance Service technicians can reattach the nozzle to the hose. If the nozzle is nowhere to be found, the technicians would replace it.

If the dispenser is pulled off the island or a car collides with a dispenser, repairing and/or replacing it is a job for our Repair and Upgrade technicians.

Like our Compliance Services technicians, we provide a schedule of job sites and repairs/upgrades for our Repair and Upgrade technicians. However, if the Compliance Services technicians find damaged equipment that could result in a customer receiving a violation from the state regulatory authority, as it might in the event of a leak, the Repair and Upgrade technicians will respond to the site as soon as possible. Those technicians are also trained and certified in compliance services, so they are able to retest fuel systems, as well.

CGRS engineer worker on compliance services
CGRS engineer worker on compliance services
CGRS engineer worker on compliance services

If our Compliance technicians perform a pressured piping line test and find a leak within the system – whether it’s to the line or attached components – they can call our Repairs and Upgrades division to make repairs.

CGRS can also notify the regulatory agency on the customer’s behalf in the event of a product release, if requested, and the CGRS Environmental Services team can perform environmental sampling of the soil and groundwater, excavate, install a remediation system, and remove tanks and fuel systems, if it’s time to do so.

If you’re in need of a Compliance Services provider who makes repairs and upgrades as well as performs required fuel-system tests, call CGRS to schedule a site visit: 800.288.2657.