CNG equipment finds a home on Longmont site

CGRS’s CNG Construction Services team set the compressed natural gas (CNG) equipment on the City of Longmont’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) site last week, marking the first major and publicly visible milestone of the Biogas Treatment and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Fueling Station Project.

The CNG equipment will compress the RNG produced at the WWTP up to 4,500 psi (pounds per square inch). For comparison, the standard dive pressure in a SCUBA tank is 3,000 psi. That compressed RNG will then become a useable vehicle fuel to power the City’s trash trucks.

RNG Process - CGRS

Last week the CGRS construction crew and subcontractors installed piping and electrical conduits to the future fueling islands.

At the WWTP, a construction crew is prepping the site for installation of the equipment that will convert biogas into RNG before it’s sent to the new fueling facility.

CGRS will complete the stormwater piping system this week.