CGRS Groundbreaking – June 2016

CGRS is breaking ground at the Fort Collins office this week as we begin our building expansion!

New building, new logo, new us! Stay tuned!

CGRS, Inc. officially broke ground today on the expansion of their existing headquarters in Fort Collins. CGRS moved into their current offices at 1301 Academy Court in 1998. The original building was designed with room for growth, but after 18 years the company has grown to over 80 people and has clearly outgrown their current space.

When asked about the expansion, CEO Eric Hick said, “We know the expansion will be somewhat stressful for everyone working in the building, but we are committed to providing our customers with the level of service they have grown to expect from us. Please forgive the background noise!”

CGRS has been located in Fort Collins since its inception in 1987, originally in Eric’s basement. They considered a number of options when faced with their growing workforce but decided to stay put and expand the existing building. “Fort Collins gives us great access to serve our customers in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and beyond,” said Mr. Hick.

CGRS, Inc. provides Engineering, Construction, Environmental and Compliance services for a variety of industries including petroleum, water and wastewater. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, they have offices in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and Sacramento, California.

Recent CGRS Projects:

CGRS recently designed, permitted, constructed and operated a $10 million produced water treatment plant near Rifle, CO. The construction phase of the design-build contract was completed with CGRS serving as the General Contractor, overseeing earthwork, concrete, electrical and automation.

CGRS also acted as the main mechanical contractor, constructing piping, setting pumps, tanks, equipment, controls and valves.

The development and construction of this $10 million facility included:

  • Construction of (2) pre-engineered steel equipment/office buildings with a total of 5,760 square feet
  • Fully-automated plant systems, including self-correcting system logic with dozens of pumps, sensors, and recording devices
  • Construction of three storage ponds with a total capacity of 4.4 million gallons

Technology used and installed in the plant included:

  • Gravity and belt separation
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • IFAS bioreactor
  • Dynamic sand filter
  • Self-cleaning mechanical filter
  • Tray strippers
  • Regenerative thermal oxidizer
  • Ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis

CGRS, Inc. was recently selected by Wyoming’s Laramie County to create the government’s first compressed natural gas station, allowing the county to fuel its natural gas-powered fleet at its own facility.

Laramie County commissioners awarded a contract of $520,000 to CGRS that will pay for the construction of a compressed natural gas facility at the Archer Complex. Installation will be done within a few months. Contact us for more information.