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Over 30 Years of Experience Delivering Exceptional Service

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Owner of a Fuel System?
Owner of a Fuel System?

If you’re the owner or operator of a fuel system, you’ve come to the right place. CGRS, Inc. has been providing environmental compliance management for fuel system owners and operators for more than 25 years.


We provide custom engineering solutions, project management and site development, as well as submission, emissions monitoring, baseline water monitoring and Exploration and Production waste management plans.

UST/AST Installation/Removal
UST/AST Installation/Removal

We have a full suite of compliance services for aboveground and underground storage tank systems including tightness testing, leak locates, certified inspections and monitoring solutions.

Reviews From Clients

  • "Thanks to CGRS, I avoided being forced to remove my tanks. They handled the regulatory interface and got me the variance I needed. Their field crews performed the upgrade to my fuel system to meet current requirements and set me up with an ongoing compliance plan. I’m set. Thanks again."

    Owner of Three Convenience Stores
  • "After spending a lot of money and many years trying to clean up my site I finally fired my consultant and within six months CGRS had gotten me reimbursed for the other consultants work and got me a ‘No Further Action Required” letter from OPS (Oil and Public Safety)."

    Owner of a Bulk Plant in CO
  • "Our sites are not what I would describe as state-of-the-art. In fact, far from it. With the 98 upgrade deadline staring us in the face we turned to CGRS in 1997. They confidently lead us through the UST upgrades and handled the design, permitting and even doing the site work. Since then we have them handle all of our environmental and compliance needs."

    Owner oF 20 Retail States in CO and WY
  • "The team at CGRS reinvented and refined the post installation ELD process and really nailed it. We run some of the best pipe fitters in the business and their crew hits the site, test, pin point our leaks, we repair, they retest and done. We’ve never failed a final test!"

    Owner of 20 Retail Sites in CO and WY
  • "CGRS handles all my compliance, construction and environmental issues, so I can concentrate on managing my retail operations. They take responsibility and handle everything on large and even the smallest projects. When I call they always answer the phone. They are true professionals."

    Owner of 30 Retail Sites in CO and WY
  • "Sorting out all the regulations and requirements is a nightmare. One call to CGRS’ compliance department and Tim Goodrich lined me out and I was able to hand it off to them. They pointed out potential problems that my previous testing contractors over looked and now I wouldn’t trust my compliance to anyone else. Peace of mind is what CGRS offers our operation."

    Owner of 27 Fuel Stations in CO and NB
  • "We needed to expand our fuel system storage for our aviation fueling operation. CGRS provided prompt and professional design/build services and completed the project on time and on budget. Now we use them for all our compliance issues as well."

    Owner of 31 Fuel Stations in CO and NB
  • "I’ve been a client of CGRS since 1988 and I highly recommend their fuel system services to anyone in the retail gas station business."

    Owner of 22 Fuel Stations
  • "In September of last year Woodward approached CGRS to provide a turnkey solution for the management of waste solvent and waste oils in our new Lincoln Campus facility," says Brett Berlin, ITS Project Manager at Woodward, Inc. "The entire CGRS team did a terrific job designing, procuring and installing a high level of quality and technology we designed into the rest of our facility," Brett Berlin says. "Working with CGRS was easy and I appreciated the thoroughness of your entire organization. Woodward does not construct new facilities often and CGRS delivered a solution that will serve this site for many years. I would not hesitate to recommend CGRS for hazardous waste containment and storage in the future," Brett Berlin says. "Thank you to your entire team, including subcontractors. CGRS took on a complicated system and delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations," Brett Berlin says.

    Brett Berlin ITS Project Manager at Woodward, Inc