UAV Services

CGRS, Inc. offers a full array of unmanned aerial mapping (UAV) services. Whether it be contour line generation for a civil design project, orthomosaic creation for asset extraction or volumetric analysis of your material stockpiles, we can serve your needs from start to finish. We can rapidly deploy our drone team to your site, capture high resolution aerial imagery and process it into actionable information that suits your needs. Due to low cost and low risk exposure, more frequent site visits and analysis are now possible.

CGRS drone - CGRS
Terrain survey
CGRS UAV services - CGRS
CGRS UAV services - CGRS
CGRS UAV services - CGRS

Topographic Maps

• High resolution (sub-inch ground sample distances)

• High accuracy that is ensured by real-time kinematic global positioning system (RTK GPS) ground control points

• Capture existing site conditions (pre-construction, construction and post-construction)

• Verify grade, elevation changes and surface flow directions

• Verify as-built conditions post-construction

• Various data formats available: LiDAR, CAD, SHP, etc.

• Useful for performing volumetric analysis of stockpiles and excavations

• Frequent revisits possible for site documentation and progress/ change tracking

Volumetric Analysis

• Stockpile calculations from multi-million-point point clouds

• Extremely accurate – on par with expensive LiDAR surveys

• Orthophotos for site documentation included

Orthomosaic Imagery

• High resolution (sub-inch ground resolution)

• Rapid deployment

• Frequent revisits for site documentation and progress/ change tracking

Using todays most advanced UAVs (both fixed wing and multi rotor) CGRS can provide <10cm accurate three dimensional models for GIS purposes.

These models can be used to:

  • Calculate volumes of aggregate
  • Produce accurate ortho-rectified photographs
  • Overlay areas into Google Earth
  • Export the model information to any 3D file type for manipulation by the client.

Note that this process requires accurate ground control to be surveyed prior to the aerial flights and CGRS is proud to be one the only companies who can offer both ground  control point integration and the aerial imagery to complete the services offered. 

CGRS UAV Capabilities

Below is a video showcasing some of CGRS’ UAV or drone capabilities. CGRS can also provide high resolution orthoimagery, precise terrain models and accurate CAD plans of sites. The densified point cloud shown in the fly-through video below is just a small sampling of the type of data CGRS can provide.

An example of the high resolution orthoimagery we can create:

An example of the three dimensional models we can create: