Spill Response & Remediation

In the event that E&P fluids impact the surficial or subsurface environment at your facility, quick action and an expert in your corner is of paramount importance to reduce further impact. From initial spill response and cleanup, through definition of the extent of your impacts via sampling, to remedial design and implementation, CGRS has the expertise to provide a cost-effective solution ensuring that you can achieve incident closure. When in doubt, call CGRS to make sure every regulatory detail is accounted for.

CGRS soil

CGRS soil

Spill and Leak Reporting
In Colorado, if a spill/release occurs in which one barrel or more is released outside of secondary containment or five barrels or more are released within secondary containment, you must submit e-Form 19, Spill/Release Report, to the COGCC Director via their website within 24 hours. CGRS can walk you through the process, from initial reporting through soil sampling and final closure of the spill event. Whether in Colorado or beyond, CGRS can make sure that you are in compliance with applicable spill regulations.

Site Remediation
In the case where subsurface soil and/or water impacts are discovered, the site may require short to long-term remediation. CGRS can evaluate and design the most cost-effective solution for cleanup. With experience in an array of remedial techniques, CGRS will help earn your facility a clean bill of health as soon as possible.

Site-Specific Assessment and Soil Sampling
Many scenarios require site-specific soil sampling. In the most general of cases, impacted soil must be assessed in order to document the extent of impacts and to evaluate the risk to other environmental receptors. Our experienced field and management staff understands all of the documentation required to ensure that impacted soil is assessed in the most efficient, practical and cost-effective manner.