Enhanced Leak Detection

Enhanced Leak Detection System

The IOTA VaporTite V005 evaluates the system for leaks at or below 0.005 gallons per hour as vapor (2 x 10 -3 cc per second) range.
This range insures that the system is vapor tight to hydrocarbon vapors. In some states this testing standard has become a regulatory requirement.

CGRS iota leak detection

IOTA Pre-Test

Performing thorough vapor tight leak testing on a newly installed UST system before back filling is an extremely critical part of the quality control testing process. This is the time when all of the leaks in the primary and secondary systems can be identified, located and repaired without expensive site closure and excavation. Additionally, when the system is prepped for the IOTA test, access points are installed to allow for quick final testing as well as trouble shooting in the event that a portion of the system fails a compliance test or has a positive monitoring event.

IOTA Final Test

Once the fueling system has been completed (everything below grade surface), backfilled, concrete poured, and the system is essentially ready to receive fuel, the final iota test is performed. This provides the installation contractor, general contractor, design engineer, site owner and operator with third party certification that the system is vapor tight before it receives fuel.

Other Applications

Although the IOTA technology has been developed primarily for quality control testing on fueling systems, it can be used to test and certify other types of critical piping systems at various vapor tight leak rate testing standards. If you have another application that you would like our engineering department to evaluate please contact us and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Regulatory Listings

National Work Group on Leak Detection Evaluations (NWGLDE) Listing

The IOTA VaporTite V005 was evaluated by Ken Wilcox and Associates and was determined to meet and exceed the required performance standards when detecting a leak of 0.005 gallons per hour as vapor. This evaluation and protocol was then evaluated by NWGLDE and received its listing. To review this listing please go to: http://www.nwglde.org/evals/cgrs_a.html

California State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) LG 113 Listing

The IOTA VaporTite V005 leak testing method and its third party evaluation was reviewed by the California SWRCB and determined to meet the ELD performance criteria and is allowable for post-installation testing: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/ust/leak_prevention/lg113/vendors/cgrs_a.shtml

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