Energy News – July 2017


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Industry News: EPA Methane Reduction Rules –
LDAR Regulations Back on the Table

On July 3, 2017, the federal appeals court blocked the EPA proposal to roll back many oil and gas methane reduction standards for a period of 2 years.  The ruling stated that the new EPA administrator didn’t have the authority to delay regulations enacted during the previous administration under the Clean Air Act.

This ruling may open the door for such regulations as EPA Quad Oa and even the BLM Venting & Flaring Rule, both of which are designed to reduce methane emissions. As details come to light after this decision, it is a great time to reconsider what this decision means for the operation of your E&P assets to ensure you are prepared for upcoming regulations.

At CGRS, we stay up to date on the ever-changing LDAR inspection requirements so you don’t have to, and understand the importance of detecting these leaks from escaping into the environment. These leaks, no matter how small, can be costly; leading to potential fines, loss of product and revenue, and increased safety hazards.

For a major DJ Basin operator, our team of specially trained and certified optical gas-imaging (OGI) technicians recently completed a fugitive emissions management program which resulted in a 35% reduction of fugitive emissions leaks over the course of a year. CGRS provided the operator with the information required to upgrade equipment in key locations to reduce overall emissions across all sites.
CGRS utilizes FLIR GF320 Infrared Cameras to efficiently detect the leaks, which can otherwise be invisible, and in coordination with CGRS CONNECT™, we track and document leaks from the field all the way through repair and repair confirmation.  We provide a fully managed compliance program, resulting in cost savings, a cleaner environment and a contribution to our clients’ overall success.

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