CNG Services

CGRS has designed and built CNG stations throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Call us for a free consultation about your compressed natural gas delivery needs!

CNG Project Spotlights

Public Works Facility - Cheyenne, WY

CGRS constructed an 800 scfm compressor station, including 10 time-fill stations and a fast-fill dispenser with heavy-duty fueling using ANGI equipment, from the ground up. The project entailed installation of all related CNG equipment as well as civil construction for the site. CGRS also holds the current contract for operation and maintenance at this site, which contains a 24/7 emergency-service clause.

Hat Six Travel Center - Evansville, WY

Correcting a mistake is always the right thing to do and is, in fact, part of CGRS policy no matter the cost. Sometimes having that kind of integrity will help not only retain a customer but also earn additional work. That’s exactly what happened in 2014 when CGRS hit a flex line while drilling a monitoring well near the then-Eastgate Travel Plaza, resulting in the loss of half of the travel center’s diesel fuel islands until repairs were made. Per its policy, CGRS not only repaired the line but also reimbursed the center’s owners for loss of business.

The owners were so impressed with CGRS’s integrity and quality of work in doing the repairs, they hired us to design and build the fueling portion of a new travel plaza. The process began in April 2015 and the diesel fueling system was up and running 13 months later. CGRS wrapped up the removal of the old fueling system and tanks that fall. The existing business and fueling system remained open and operational the entire time CGRS and subcontractor Andreen Hunt Construction, Inc., built the new center, now called Hat Six Travel Plaza, and removed the old fueling facilities.

The nearly $3 million job included installing:

  • Two 40,000-gallon, 75-foot-long underground storage tanks (USTs) for diesel fuel
  • One 8,000-gallon UST for diesel exhaust fluid
  • Two 30,000-gallon, double-wall, fiberglass USTs, one of which holds unleaded and the other is split to hold 12,000 gallons of premium unleaded fuel and the other 18,000 gallons of diesel
  • One 2,000-gallon propane AST and fueling system
  • One 15,000-gallon UST for Halliburton’s fueling operations
  • Two auto-fueling canopies with seven point-of-sale fueling islands
  • CNG infrastructure with masonry equipment enclosure and underground stainless steel piping to future dispensers
  • One truck-fueling canopy with eight diesel dispensers including DEF

Once the new center was completed, the owners sold the 13 old fueling dispensers and had CGRS and Andreen excavate and remove:

  • Three 20,000-gallon, two 12,000-gallon and one 5,000-gallon USTs
  • The old fueling system for nine truck and four auto dispensers including piping and electrical work

The Hat Six Travel Plaza was the biggest project the CGRS Construction team had taken on at the time.

City of Grand Junction - Grand Junction, CO

CGRS installed 10 time-fill dispenser hose drops, site grading, equipment pads, fencing/barricades, telephone system, associated electric and gas, plumbing, alarm system and associated appurtenances for the City of Grand Junction’s slow-fill/time-fill CNG fueling station expansion.

Weld County School District, RE-1 - Gilchrest, CO

The state for Weld County School District RE-1 is designed to handle up to 400 scfm and the equipment enclosure is constructed of split-faced CMU to match the new transportation building, with a capacity for future compressor and storage.  CGRS provided design, engineering and construction for a new CNG fast-fill system with a rough-in for future time-fill fueling.

Design Build:

CGRS provides a variety of design/build services including for compressed natural gas stations and wastewater treatment facilities. We also install bulk-fuel facilities at airports, truck stops, convenience stores and gas stations. If you’re an entrepreneur seeking to either expand your current locations or start from the ground up, you’ve come to the right place.

Gas station owners are bound by the EPA’s Financial Responsibility Regulation, which holds owners liable for cleanup of leaks and spills from their underground storage tanks and fuel distribution systems. CGRS’s 30-plus years of experience can help!

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